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a painting of black birds with pearls and apples in their beaks, surrounded by white feathers
a painting of a tiger walking across a black background
pinterest elisaolo ✩
a woman is sitting on the ground with a flower in her hair and holding onto an object
the day that I met him was the day that I died then I was reborn as a witch
a painting of a woman in the woods with a sticker on her hand and an easel next to it
Pillot Frederic
a black and white drawing of a woman with long hair wearing a headdress
رسمه فتاة رسمات
a drawing of a demonic creature with chains and spikes on it's back legs
Mayanoka Superior Reeliell ( 真夜中上長リーリエル, Mayonaka Jōchō Rīrieru )
a woman with an elaborate mask and feathers on her face is shown in the dark
a painting of two skeletons and one skeleton holding up a cross in front of a curtain