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Ever since I met you, nobody else is worth thing about. I love him so much!

And it's driving me crazy. You feel so right. I've never felt it before with anyone. The crazy thing is that I never imagined you'd become someone so special for me the very first time I saw you. You have my heart.

Baby you are my euphoria!! I am never letting you go and I will do everything I can to make you want to stay.. I love you so much...

Oh baby we got mad euphoria, than. we have always had a thing for eachother. And it has always been so intense & completely powerful. ilove him & that boy loves me! for life!

Oh my gosh that's so true the exact first time I saw u, I smiled with a lil smirk and u smiled looked at the floor then skated off and fell by the handicap sign! Haha 4 u

so i don't like this kind of cliche love stuff, or people falling in love at first glance, but i think its nice that Shakespeare thought it was important enough to write it down.

WOAH. THIS GUY is amazing. He lasted WAY longer than I ever could!

More like two seconds before I busted out laughing at the way you silly muggles/mortals/mundanes live