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It's true! The Pants. The funny thing is, I've been thinking for years how much his pants go through with that whole "giant green monster" business.


I saw this before I watched Thor 2 and even then I didnt get it. When I actually watched it though up until that point I thought Loki was dead.so yeah spoiler

The Avengers

Well excuse me. Thor is the GOD of thunder (norse mythology) if he was indeed a demigod, he would have been born from 1 godly parent ant 1 human. I daresay that Odin and his wife (i forget her name) are indeed norse gods. Therefore, Thor is a god.

So... It's official, Captain America 3 will be about Civil War.

It's official, Captain America 3 will be about Civil War.<-- SO EXCITED Defiantly on Captain America's Side!<--- I'm on Iron Man's side.

Spider-Man and Deadpool! Me and my friends and we take turns being Deadpool

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