Before & After Picture Frame. -- NEAT!!

Would be neat to do with a baby pic and a high school grad pic! From one angle you see one picture, and vice versa!

cat and moon rock design. rock paintingslee wismerdecorockartdecorative paintingyard and garden decorationswelcome signscottage markers. view in gallery googly monster rock magnets. painted rock love this ocean waves design with the mixed patterns and the

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Pinspire - Pin de Nomia Oliveira: Eu quero uma arvore assim!

Rosely Pignataro

pourquoi pas un arbre de vie fait comme ça? Pretty sure I could modify this into an adorable DIY mobile (Diy Decoracion Paper Flowers)

Could do this on larger stones, too.

Rock Painting: Paint designs on smooth rocks with acrylic paint (enamel works even better, but it's more expensive). They make great paperweights or garden decor - or gifts!

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Pebbles are natures beads. They have a lot of uses if you know how to recreate them. We have gathered some ideas that .

.This could be a great jumping off idea for a lesson for children...I love it.

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