Sue Zimmermann Portfolios

Louisiana watercolor artist, Sue Zimmermann, specializing in architectural cityscapes, Louisiana landscapes and birds, has exhibited her artwork since Crazy guy drove home from the tractor.

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Watercolor Painting Blueberries 3 Blue 4 Pink - Cynthia Van Horne Erlich Gorgeous use of tone

Illustration by Mailo So

Have you ever thought how to paint fish in water? Watercolor fish paintings are often interesting and creative. The way to draw scales

Water paint>>I think this is watercolor, and this style is what I want to use for my paintings.

These hyper-realistic paintings by Spanish artist Josep Moncada Juaneda have me yearning for a refreshing dip in the pool. Take A Dip - Josep Moncada Juaneda

Rock Creek Bay, Lake Powell David Drummond

Amazing water - Rock Creek Bay Original watercolor painting art landscape of Lake Powell by artist and painter David Drummond

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Jeannie Vodden lives in the foothills of the Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Her charming cottage studio is located on the Jackson Creek.

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