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Fr. Valabek continues his reflections from volume I, looking at the Marian experience in Carmel throughout the ages. In these pages, he illustrates how various Carmelites have accented certain aspects of Marian spirituality, and the impact these had on our understanding the Mother of Jesus. The Scapular devotion and relationship between Mary and contemplative prayer
Balbino Velasco Bayón (O. Carm.) y Mauricio Herrero Jiménez, historiador de la Orden Carmelita y Profesor Titular de Paleografía de la Universidad de Valladolid, respectivamente, tienen en su haber numerosas publicaciones. Ambos son doctores en Filosofía y Letras. Junto a otros investigadores son coautores de la Colección documental de Cuéllar (934-1492), dos volúmenes de casi
The commentaries on the Saints (Acta Sanctorum) by Jean Bolland SJ and his fellow ‘Bollandists’ played a significant role in the development of critical hagiography during the seventeenth century. Because of the impact of its formal challenge to the claim by the Carmelites to have an unbroken succession linking them to their alleged founder, the
This engaging work, written in a non-technical style, presents the relevance of the teachings of St. John of the Cross as a Way of Holiness for contemporary man.  Making use of the principal symbols of the Carmelite Mystic: canticle, flame, dark night and mountain, the author engages in a dialogue with contemporary theology and spirituality,
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Carmelites contribution during the Second Vatican Council.
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