Another day

'I somehow survived another day, and I'll have to do it again tomorrow', poor Snoopy.

I officially resigned from adulthood. Decisions will be made using the eenie-meenie-minie-moe method and arguments will be settled by sticking out my tongue.

Stay strong

Wear yours scars with pride because as scar-less man has not felt the hardship of life or the feeling of pain. This goes for our military,give them respect & love for everything they do for this country. God bless our troops.

Inspirational Surfing Stomach: I aspire to have this level of confidence. The guy is surfing a wave while at the same time about to give birth.

Hahahahaha...yes, just yes! If the cloak were to be usable by one other avenger, it would be Parker. Because reasons.

Strange forgets about cloak momentarily: it’s DOCTOR Strange you itsy bitsy spider I didn’t go to school for nuthin

"A red sun rises. Ketchup has been spilled last night by Billy Roger from Decker St.


Coffee Lovers appreciate a good coffee filling station. Coffee Lovers also know the different "grades" of coffee can either slow you down or speed you up. Honestly, I just want delicious coffee to be again.


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