So true. Lol

Ecard - Wine, crackers and cheese are just adult versions of apple juice, goldfish and cheese sticks.


"Some people are ok, but I mostly feel like poisoning everybody." Wednesday Addams, the Addams family

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And for in that moment Of pure darkness i see your soul shinning brighter than it ever has i love the weirdness in you and the Gentle way you make me go insane

50 Funny Halloween Jokes & Pictures 2016

Best 50 Funny Halloween Jokes & Pictures 2016


Wednesday Adams, like a female version of Calvin. Also origionally a cartoon comic strip character, created before Calvin and Hobbes.

adams family  | Addams Family - 1x17 - Mother Lurch Visits the Addams Family

"THE ADDAMS FAMILY" with Carolyn Jones as "Morticia Addams" and John Austin as her husband, "Gomez Addams"; (Just watched this episode lol)