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a women's dress with an open back, and the pattern for it to be cut
Шитье простые выкройки
Шитье ✂ Выкройки.Платье силуэта 'трапеция', выполненное из костюмной ткани. Застежка сзади на молнию. выкройка
someone is doing something on top of a piece of paper
cum se face un tipar de baza la pantalonul de damă.
a woman with blonde hair wearing a floral top and holding a piece of paper in her hand
#costura #moldes
a dress is shown with measurements for it
재단 재봉이 매우 쉬운 플래어 원피스만들기 Making a fiare dress that is very easy to cut and sew
a woman is standing in front of a blue and white background with the measurements for her top
Фото 924398931092 из альбома Разное. Смотрите в группе Я модельер шитье одежды в ОК