this is absolutely true...

The only reason I have a homephone is so I can find my cellphone.


What a wonderful poster! Ahh, isn’t it grand when you feel like that? Fortunately, JEEPERS also comes in a variety of Comically Vintage gear:

Happy Friday!!  I'm counting down the days to the Auckland Art & Crafts Fair! 8 days to go!

Take a BERRY Break (39 photos)

Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it. Today I decided to write a post about Friday quotes. Most of us waiting for Friday. People's approach towards Friday fascinate me.

Imagem de pop art, comic, and retro

Cathy Cavernous was not feeling it today or any other day until Big Johnny arrived in town.


"Sometimes I amaze myself - other times I can't remember which day it is." This is SO me!

Fiestas are always nice especially on Sundays

Sunday Siesta

Sunday morning pancakes, snuggles with my loves, naps, football, no phone calls.I imagine heaven and Sunday being very similar!

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