Very true

Manners do matter. things my Mother taught me---it's good to hear manners are still taught to children

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You can choose to live your life with the joy of the front row or solemness of the third row. The choice is yours. That's me in the front row with my joy. Those are my coworkers in the third row. Every day is a struggle to keep them from killing my joy.

So true

I've always loved this Arthur Ashe quote. Yes, yes, perfect for the dream office.


Water is the most essential element of life, because without water, you can't make coffee. my life nowadays!


i've been told "wisdom comes with age". i truly believe this, "age is no guarantee of maturity." Amen to that!

So true..

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anti-war poster from 1968

Anti-war poster from 1968 “Joe Simboli designed a set of War/Peace posters in 1968 in response to a call from Herb Lubalin, a well-known NYC art director for Avant Garde magazine, who was sponsoring a.

Be Happy

Be happy ★ iPhone wallpaper Open your mind and heart to all that makes you smile- even when you want to cry.

Too funny!!!

Funny Workplace Ecard: I'm here for an interview.I am applying for the Professional Pinner position.

good advice!

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