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This is my first shot at trying to design a castle. I tried to imagine a tiny village and castle surrounded by fortifications, turrets, huge walls and sloping buttresses, all perched up on a mounta.

Anastasios Gionis is a digital sculptor and modeler for the film industry. Nightmare Fuel: Monsters by Anastasios Gionis


The relationship between humans and nature explored by Nunzio Paci

Title: From flesh to soil, from soil to flesh / Dalla carne alla terra, dalla terra alla carne Dim: cm Tecnique: oil and pencil on canvas / olio, matita su tela Year: 2014

Nunzio Paci's artwork

The Anatomical Work of Nunzio Paci

Nunzio Paci Drawings - study on paper ‘Botrytis on bovine’ 'Herbavore’ Drawings - study on paper 'My brother is a tree and I am his roots’