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I have recently discovered the most amazing Zdzislaw Beksinski and his surrealist paintings.

Artur Grottger #illustration #dark

I love spooky scenes in art, as long they're not violent. This one is yummy spooky—called Lithuania by Artur Grottger, 1864

Tobias Kwan | Motherland Chronicles

Tobias Kwan is an artist from Canada currently based in Irvine, California. His digital illustrations show epic landscapes and strong warriors.

Sam Ballardini #bleaq #illustration #drawing #dark

Mysterious (animated) illustrations by Sam Ballardini

Mysterious (animated) illustrations by Sam Ballardini - Bleaq

Charles Keeping; Sleeping Beauty.

L Travers, About the Sleeping Beauty, illustration by Charles Keeping 7 - Illustration from The Petrified Mansion, Bengal Fairy Tales

Alfred Kubin

Alfred Kubin’s “The Last King (Der Letzte König),” circa 1902