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bitches hate you over shit you cant control like your hair being long your face being pretty yo nigga being in love with you envious

Thats my best friend

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nothing is more hurtful than being embarassed by a nigga everyone knew you was down for

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Bitches better be!

Smh, find someone else to obsess over, little girl.

once he's mine, he's mine

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Thats the fucking truth yo.

He's not going anywhere.

petty, but something for when you're feeling insecure. which are you way too grown to be feeling, you know who you are &what you got by now<3

if this ain't facts smh .

I will hurt your soul lil boy, take a seat in the punk bitch section.

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What's better than a glass of #wine while #naked? The extravagant…

simple line tattoo wine glass ass butt ~ A.

I always leave an imprint on their heart. I've never had an ex that didn't want me back

This got me howling