The United States Navy (USN) is the naval warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the seven uniformed services of the United Stat.

Undetectable Stealth Ship

MBS Stealth Concept Production Manufacturing 1100 Name:

More Pins for your board SS. -  "AD HOC" BOARDS - - Gmail

Sun powered yacht - the ideal way to spend your summer on the water.

Futuristic Military Catamaran | Gunboat by khesm on DeviantArt

Catamaran Battleship by khesm on DeviantArt

JFA Yachts and Peugeot’s 35m power catamaran superyacht design

JFA Yachts and Peugeot’s power catamaran superyacht design

The Most Feared Gunboat You Ever Know Existed - Full Documentary

The Most Feared Gunboat You Never Knew Existed - Full Documentary Patrol Boat, River or PBR, is the United States Navy designation for a small rigid-hulled p.

solar powered catamaran - Google Search

The solar catamarans by Solar Sailor use the power of the sun, wind, and fossil fuels to move. The solar "wings" you see on top of the boats are not just passive solar panels. They can also be oriented to catch the wind:

Trident Sailboat by Thiago Porto

Lighter, more efficient, smarter and a lot simpler

Catamaran solar powered

Catamaran solar powered

The former Radisson Diamond (would have been Regent Diamond if they kept it) By far the coolest ship in the world. The only twin-hulled cruise ship, but by far the largest. The unique SWATH design results in an incredible stability - excellent for those who get seasick on many other cruise ships. The ship is now owned by Asia Cruises, sailing from Far East ports as the MV Asia Star.

Reports out of China confirm that China Cruise Company's first ship - China Star (ex Radisson Diamond) departed on her maiden voyage from H.

Stealth Ships - Dark Roasted Blend

Covert High-speed Attack and Reconnaissance Craft (CHARC)

‘Project L3’, the latest semi-SWATH catamaran innovative concept yacht design from superyacht naval archtirect BMT Nigel Gee and styled by Rob McPherson, will be introduced at the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show

BMT Nigel Gee’s semi-SWATH catamaran concept to debut at Monaco Yacht Show - Luxurylaunches

Luigi Colani Appreciation Thread

Hydrofoils as an efficient means of travelling across and through the water, Whitehawk world record water speed record boat, Alexander Graham Bell.

Resultado de imagen para catamaran hydrofoil design

The catamaran hulls

El barco que puede volar que los chicos usan para viajar de un lugar a otro.

volitan, flying fish boat, star wars like boat

TRILOBITE SWATH Yacht design concept

When wanderlust takes you to the open ocean, explore comfortably with this SWATH diesel-electro pleasure boat.