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an image of some black doily with flowers on it
крючок со схемами
an advertisement for a blouse with lace on the collar and neckline, in russian
Вязание воротники,детали,ремни,хитрости,окраска пряжи,жгуты
the crochet pattern is shown in blue and white
Bico de Crochê Passo a Passo: 45 Modelos + Gráficos e Vídeos - Revista Artesanato
crocheted collars are being made with yarn and plastic strawberries on the table
Örgü Yaka Örnekleri -
the crocheted doily pattern is shown with instructions for how to make it
Ракушки, веерочки | Thời trang
the crocheted doily pattern is shown with instructions to make it look like an oval
"Вечная классика", - вязаные крючком воротнички
a crocheted sweater is laying on the floor with it's collar cut open
Kragen & Lätzchen -
the crocheted collar is made with yarn and beads, as well as a rose
Воротники альбом - подборка
an image of a woman wearing a necklace with flowers on the front and back of it
"Вечная классика", - вязаные крючком воротнички
crocheted doily on green fabric with white flowers in the center and bottom
İnce Uç Danteli Modelleri -
three crocheted laces with the words matu written in white on them
crocheted doily with green leaves on it and the words cecarresanato
Вязаные воротнички. Схемы и модели