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several colorful balloons are floating in the air with an elephant and giraffe on it
Imagine That Your Kid’s Artistry Can Help Save Other Children…
Kids help each other in Cadbury Gems' latest campaign. // Client: Cadbury Gems // Agency: Ogilvy India //
an ad for the un recommended website on a cell phone and computer screen with text overlay
Fnac Wants You to Think Outside the Algorithm
Fnac offers suggestions that are #UnrecommendedByAlgorithm. // Client: Fnac // Agency: Publicis Conseil //
a man wearing headphones standing in front of a book shelf with a woman behind him
Female-Voiced Virtual Assistants Learn How to Properly React to Sexist Commentaries
Beauty brand LUX teaches virtual assistants to talk back in an initiative to discourage sexist attitudes. // Client: Unilever, Singapore // Brand: LUX // Agency Company: Wunderman Thompson, Singapore //
a tall tower in the sky surrounded by clouds
Skyscraper’s Stairway Carries Viewers to O₂’s High-Speed Internet
O₂'s #EveryHome shows how its services meet the needs of so many people living in a fictional skyscraper. // Client: Telefónica Germany // Brand: O₂ Deutschland // Agency: Serviceplan Bubble and Neverest Hamburg //
an image of a man that is looking at the camera and has words on it
Elephant Creatively Engineers All Star Code’s Website and Identity
All Star Code's mission to change the face of tech is by a new website and brand identity developed by IPG agency Elephant. #CommitmentToChange #HelloWorld // Client: All Star Code // Agency: Elephant //
a woman flying through the air on top of a paper airplane with clouds in the background
#TBT: Simple but Meaningful Gift Turns into a Girl’s Life Goal
Digi Telecommunications encourages Malaysians to believe in their loved ones' dreams. // Client: Digi Telecommunications // Agency: Naga DDB Tribal //
a large body of water filled with lots of cranes
O₂ Uses Its Network to Paint Beautiful Artwork
O₂ allows the audience to visually experience its 5G network. #TheVisibleNet // Client: Telefónica // O₂ // Agency: Serviceplan Bubble //
Unusual smartphone ad highlights the rise of tech abuse. // Client: Refuge // Agency: BBH London // Still Life Film, Bad Intentions, Film Credits, Account Executive, Optical Art, Music Composition, Graphics Art, Smart Tech, 50th Anniversary
Unusual Smartphone Ad Sends a Message About Domestic Abuse
Unusual smartphone ad highlights the rise of tech abuse. // Client: Refuge // Agency: BBH London //
a woman wearing glasses peeking out from behind a glass door with her hand on the frame
#TBT: Real Life Would Be Ridiculously Absurd if It Were Like Web Design
Webflow brings web design frustrations to the real world – and it’s hilarious! #TBT // Client: Webflow // Production Company: WTBR //
an assortment of art books spread out on top of each other, with images of people and animals in them
Belong Comprises Crazy Internet Wormhole into a Book
Fight the boredom associated with setting up your new phone with Belong's #BookOfLimbo. // Client: Belong // Agency: Howatson+Company
two people sitting on a toilet in a room with white brick walls, one holding a laptop and the other wearing yellow rubber gloves
IONOS’ Tech Expert Brings German Know-How to the UK Market
#AuntHelga helps small-business owners improve their online presence. // Client: IONOS // Production Company: Armoury // Branding Agency: NOMAD // Advertising Agency: 2050 London
a woman standing in front of a blue abstract background with an image of the ocean
Explore the Fascinating Adventure That Comes With Windows 11
Experience the mesmerizing world that Microsoft unlocks to promote its new OS, Windows 11. // Client: Microsoft // Agency: McCann New York
a group of people sitting on top of a dry grass field
Discover Samsung’s #EpicDreamsOf21 Crop by Crop
Samsung India captures one big picture and then crops it to reveal 21 different stories. #EpicDreamsOf21 // Client: Samsung India // Agency: Cheil WW India
an old car driving down a road in the desert
Visionary Movie Turns Out to Be One's Imagination
Spectrum Access app’s audio description feature allows the audience to catch a glimpse into a visually impaired lady's imagination. // Client: Charter Communications, Inc. // Agency: Something Different
a woman sitting at a table looking at her cell phone in front of the refrigerator
Can You #SpotTheSigns of an Online Love Scam?
The National Crime Prevention Council Singapore urges people to #SpotTheSigns. #StopTheCrimes. // Client: National Crime Prevention Council // Agency: Ogilvy Singapore