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OREO Replaces Its Trademark Blue with a Black-And-White Color Palette
OREO changes its packaging to give back to the furry community that proudly wears its name. // Client: Mondelez International // OREO // Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi MEA //
a drawing of a dog with a flower in its mouth, on a yellow background
Cheer Yourself and Your Dog’s Upset Stomach Up with These Adorable Illustrations
Probiotic canine brand speaks about dogs' digestive system using illustrations of dog bums. // Client: Vitasure UK // Designer: Agu Wu //
the movie poster for save rabbit
#TBT: Bunny Says He’s Happy with His Job as a Tester. However, His Body Disagrees
Being a tester is a job that has been running in Ralph's family for generations. But it needs to stop! Credits: Humane Society International
a close up of a dog's face with the words legal high on it
Pet Insurance Brand Highlights the Beneficial Pet-And-Human Symbiosis
Pet insurance company ManyPets communicates the health benefits pets bring in their owner's life via a new, adorable campaign. #InsureYourHappiness // Client: ManyPets // Creative Studio: Uncommon //
an iphone with a yellow fish in it
#TBT: Zoo Turns a Print Ad Into a 3D Mini-Aquarium
#ZooFrankfurt brings the wonderful creatures of the sea to your screens. Literally! #TBT #Holoquarium // Client: Zoo Frankfurt // Agency: Leo Burnett Germany //
an abstract photograph of the skin of a tiger
Help Protect Big Cats and Their Kingdom With Generative NFTs
#GenerativeNFTs reinforce The Corbett Foundation's commitment to saving royal Bengal tigers across India. // Client: The Corbett Foundation // Agency: BBDO Singapore //
a dog sitting in front of a speech bubble with a drawing of a man on it
It’s Pawssible to Adopt the Dog from Your Kid’s Imagination
PEDIGREE uses the power of technology to encourage pet adoption. #PedigreeRescueDoodle // Client: PEDIGREE® // Agency: BBDO NY //
a german shepherd dog sitting in the kitchen
Even Good Boys Can Make Their Hoomans Worry About Them
Future Generali India Insurance's #OhMyDog ad showcases dogs' playful spirit which, sometimes, might get them into trouble. // Client: Future Generali India Insurance // Agency: Mullen Lintas //
an orange and white cat sitting on top of a sticker that says we could meow be friends woof
OMG! OMW’s ID Is as Energetic as the Pets’ Personality
Pet store OMW's identity visually communicates animals' playful and rebellious character. #OhMeowWoof #Meow #Woof // Credits: Alex Dang //
two people and a dog walking in the dark woods at night with an evil light shining on them
#TBT: Big Shelter Dogs Stop Horror Movie Villains from Scaring You
mitch&me's posters depict horror movie characters totally freaked out at the sight of big, black, and "bully" dog breeds. #TBT // Client: mitch&me // Agency: Jekyll&Hyde //
a dog with the words adopt a break written on it's face and in front of an orange background
#TBT: Convincing People to Take a Break by Suggesting Adopting It
Pony Malta found a way to make breaks more fun! #AdoptABreak // Client: ABInBev Colombia // Brand: Pony Malta // Agency: MullenLowe SSP3
Medicine and Emojis Highlight the Plight of Wildlife Species
UNEP raises awareness on wildlife trafficking via endangered animals portrayed as medicine and emojis. // Client: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) // Agency: Ogilvy India
an elephant standing in front of a circus tent next to a barrel filled with money
#TBT: Reflecting on Animal Captivity During Lockdown
For us humans, captivity is temporary. For wild animals, this is forever. #TBT // Client: Born Free Foundation // Agency: ENGINE Creative //Production: Aardman Animations // Director: Peter Peake
a dog is looking at two boxes that say paws off my planet and aardvark
B&B Helps Aardvark Express Its Sustainable Mission
Aardvark expresses its love for the planet through its visual identity. // Client: Aardvark // Agency: B&B studio
an orange cat sitting on top of a table next to a package of macaroni and cheese
Digital Experience Captures Cat's Mischievous Spirit
Cat's mischievous personality inspires Frank Collective agency to design Made by Nacho's digital experience. // Client: Bobby Flay, Made by Nacho // Agency: Frank Collective