Statuia unui DAC – cea mai mare statuie din galeria Chiaramonti a Vaticanului

Dacia was conquered by Roman Empire about 2000 years ago.

Trajan's Triumphal Column in Trajan's Forum, Rome, Italy was built in 113 AD to commemorate Roman Emperor Trajan's victory in the Dacian Wars. (Juan Francisco Adame Lorite)

The Colossal Head of Decebalus, King of the Dacians

~Trajan's marble column, is a Roman triumphal column that commemorates Roman emperor Trajan's victory in the Dacian Wars. It is considered to be the masterpiece of Roman sculptural art. It was dedicated to Trajan by Hadrian & completed in 113 AD

Roman Legionarius 1st Century A.D

Ave, the bust from Young Miniatures I recently started is done. It shows a roman soldier, shortly after a battle or even in the fire of t.