Super nintendo console

Collection by Brito Maximiliano


Pixel Love-Date Meme

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E For Everyone

Skye Larke, Garth Raider, Nathan Harp, and Danielle Law are four internet friends who all get a strange new file on their computers. Upon clicking on it, the four of them are sucked into the world of video games! Whether this is heaven on earth or absolute, utter hell, the four of them have to work

Small Computers

Collecting vintage computers: Sony Hit Bit, First Apple Macintosh, Macintosh Portable, Radio Shack TRS-80, Timex Sinclair, Nintendo Family Computer Hewlett-Packard OmniBook 300.

This Is Not an 80s Blog

iamsoretro: “ Nintendo KayBee Toy Store Ad from 1989 Scan by tOkKa ”

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