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an aerial view of a house on the water with many circular structures in front of it
a glass cabin in the middle of snow covered trees with lights on it's roof
two deer standing in the grass next to a wooden structure with a glass window on top
a small wooden structure with a black roof
Pin by tzeppe on Laavu | Outdoor fireplace patio, Patio design, Outdoor fireplace
the inside of a dome tent with several tables and chairs set up in it for an outdoor party
Waldschlösschen Iglu Erlebnis in Marburg | Waldschlösschen Dagobertshausen | Restaurant Waldschlösschen Dagobertshausen
an outdoor living area with lots of plants and furniture
four different types of umbrellas are shown in this graphic above it is the instructions for how to use them
Allpod | Pods and Domes for Outdoor Dining and Hospitality
an outdoor seating area is lit up with candles and flowers in the evening sun light
a wooden deck with an umbrella over it next to a small pond and some plants
a circular wooden deck with potted plants on the top and stairs leading up to it