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several chocolate muffins with raspberries on a cutting board next to each other
Brioșe de post, cu ciocolată și zmeură - mihai gateste
chocolate cookies are cooling on a wire rack
Biscuiți crăpați cu ciocolată de post Crocanti la exterior și moi la interior
Biscuiți crăpați cu ciocolata de post, simpli si ușor de făcut
many different types of vases are shown in this collage, including pink and yellow flowers
How To Make Quick Sugar Roses
✏️Ingredients (weight 1.2 kg): Shortcrust pastry: flour - 500 g. soda - 4 g. salt - ¼ tsp, butter - 200 g., sour cream 20% - 200 g Interlayer: flour - 170 g. sugar - 150 g. butter - 50 g. Additionally: egg - 1 pc., nuts - 50 g.
someone is decorating small white sculptures on a table
Snail/Caterpillar Meringues
a chocolate cake decorated with berries and greenery
a chocolate cake decorated with flowers and leaves
Wood log cake
a cake with flowers on it sitting on top of a wooden table next to other items