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(Fisheye Placebo) ugh! love this art >.< its all so cool, the artist has great talent:)

From Fisheye Placebo by Yummei Read at –> yuumei. (when putting up pictures that actually give the artist's name, like RIGHT THERE on an art site, please give credit to them ^w^)

Creepypasta >:D

Selfie Creepypasta style xD This is kinda sad because they aren't actually smiling so.

don't be sad Toby!!!!

don't be sad Toby!

His story is so sad sometimes i just want to give him a huge hug...I can cause i'm a proxy to...

please cheer up Toby look around you, you're in a better place now then before Toby: *nods head* *sigh* come here *hug*