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several pictures of plants growing in vases on a table with plates and spoons
20 Fun and Creative Crafts with Plastic Soda Bottles
planter avec les enfants en recyclant les bouteilles et en leur donnant vie.
the different stages of plant life in an area with water and landforms, including plants
Lettuce and herbs can be harvested, then within days can be ready for another harvest. Learn about cut-and-come-again crops with these great tips! #gardening
a poster showing different types of vegetables and how to use them in the vegetable garden
A month-by-month guide to gardening.
the worksheet is showing how to draw flowers and plants in different stages of development
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Secuencias Temporales para recortar y colorear!! - Betiana 1 - Picasa Albums Web
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Vegetable Themed Papercraft for Toddlers
Looking for fun age-appropriate crafts for your little one? Today, let’s talk farm theme ideas!
Growing Flowers Craft for Kids
Página donde se explica cómo hacer artesanía de flores con platos de papel.
Plant life cycles foldable crafts bundle
These foldable crafts are ideal for interactive science notebooks, and to support life cycle, plants or seasonal changes units. This resource contains PDF templates for 4 different plants - pumpkin, apple, bean plant and sunflower. For each plant you'll find at least 2 options (e.g. students color, cut and fold the template, or students sequence the life cycle stages before cutting and folding).