Bogdan Dumitrescu

Bogdan Dumitrescu

Bogdan Dumitrescu
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coconut shell eco packaging. a second life to a previously used object of nature.

Lets start with this: eco- packaging for coconut sugar, wrapped in wax paper, put in a coconut shell and sealed with wax.

coconut shell light - Google Search

Coconut shells made into bowls by a cooperative of Buddhist and Muslim artisans - good for you, good for them. Plus, portion of funds donated to land conservation. :: for my salt cellar.

TYPEFIGHT is an arena for alphabetic altercations, calligraphic contests, consonant combat, figural fisticuffs, semiotic showdowns, and 210 pt. tussles. Two men letter, one man leave.

Letter "D" - by Darren Booth; using the Penrose effect; for 'The Type Fight' on .two artists create a typographical design for the same letter which are displayed side by side.