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Bogdan Costin Matei
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Rotini Pasta 4 Ways

Eat Stop Eat To Loss Weight - Rotini Pasta 4 Ways In Just One Day This Simple Strategy Frees You From Complicated Diet Rules - And Eliminates Rebound Weight Gain

Meaningful Digital Paintings by British Artist DestinyBlue

s what Emma, the main character of my novel feels thinking of her lost friend: Too many fragments of my heart lie between your footprints. I will sweep them off your way until my fingers bleed.

(""While You Were Away" ~ WWII Nazi propaganda sheet showing a US soldier and a British woman cheating on her husband. These were dropped by air onto the British lines to demoralize the troops.

Dorothy Counts is the first Black girl to attend an all white school in the United States, in September 1957. Segregation in schools had been found to be unconstitutional. At age 15 she is being jeered and taunted by her white, male peers at Harding High, Charlotte, North Carolina.

And there are plenty who would bring back this idiotic prejudice. Dorothy Counts - The First Black Girl To Attend An All White School In The United States - Being Teased And Taunted By Her White Male Peers At Charlotte’s Harry Harding High School, 1957

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And in the city today still autumn, rain umbrellas, parasols, umbrellas . Discussion on LiveInternet - Russian Service Online