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an animal and fish match up with the corresponding numbers
exercices petite section maternelle
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a blue and white paint can with pictures on it
a yellow and white paint can with pictures on the side that say lemons, oranges
four different colored birds are shown in this printable game for toddlers to play
Chicken themed color recognition poem
ourhomecreations: Hens of Different Colors
the different colors of butterflies are shown here
развивающая игра найди пару для детей от 1 года
the fish are all different colors and sizes in this cut out paper crafting pattern
Go Fish!
We have a new baby at our house, and I need activities to keep my toddler busy while I’m nursing. I thought Go Fish sounded fun to play together while we are just sitting…so I made some…
a group of fish with different colors in the same pattern on each side, all facing opposite directions
Go Fish!
Go Fish Printable Game ATL.p3.3- Remembers and follows directions The child will remember who the color of fish they need. Also the child will know how to follow the directions of taking turns and when it is their turn.
an image of different colored birds in the shape of eggs
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