Cherokee Rose Cottage

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a wooden door with two windows on the side of it and some bushes behind it
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11. Craftsman Dutch Door
an open door with two black knobs on it
How to Build Dutch Doors | Closings and Car Seats
a house made out of wood and some tools on the floor in front of it
Kids' Playhouse (under stairs)
a dog house made out of wood with windows and doors on each side, in an office setting
an empty room with a white painted brick wall and small window on the top floor
*REVEAL* Kids #playhouse Scroll to the ‘before’ image and you can see a lonely 4’ door sandwiched between a cold air return and vent.… | Instagram
a house made out of plywood and wood
Quartlery Things happening at PBI
kids room: playhouse under the stairs
a child's play house with flowers and a slide
Behind the Scenes - Basement Playroom
a dog house built into the side of a wall next to a stair case and window