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10 epic vegan cake recipes that are delicious and easy to make in less than ten minutes
30 Epic Vegan Cake Recipes
Everyone loves cake! Bake one of these epic vegan cake recipes to impress even non-vegans at your next party. Chocolate, cheesecake, strawberry & much more!
three chocolate donuts with white frosting on a plate
Espresso Donuts with Baileys Glaze
espresso donuts with baileys glaze
no - bake oreo cheesecake parfaits in glass bowls with spoons
No Bake Oreo Cheesecake Parfaits
Oreo No Bake Cheesecake Parfaits - this easy, no-bake dessert is perfect for any occasion! Best when made ahead and only 10 minutes to prep this delicious recipe.
vegan chocolate hazelnut donuts stacked on top of each other
Vegan Donuts with Chocolate Glaze
These vegan chocolate hazelnut donuts are not only super delicious and easy to make, but also healthier because they are baked, not fried! It might sound strange, but I used kidney beans for the batter, which made them so moist and chocolatey.
there is a slice of dessert on the plate
Healthy No-Bake Snickers Pie (raw vegan & gluten free) - Liz Moody
raw, gluten free, vegan, paleo, refined sugar free and AMAZING tasting! The caramel layer is ridiculous!
a piece of cake sitting on top of a white and brown plate with flowers in the background
Tort cu piscoturi si ness
Tort cu piscoturi si ness - CAIETUL CU RETETE
two pictures of a cake with chocolate and cream toppings on the top one has a slice missing from it
No-Bake Kinder Bueno Cheesecake! - Jane's Patisserie
No-Bake Kinder Bueno Cheesecake!! A Buttery Biscuit Base, Kinder Chocolate & Kinder Bueno Filling, Whipped Cream, Melted Chocolate, and even more Kinder Bueno! The PERFECT No-Bake Kinder Bueno Cheesecake!
no bake chia energy bites recipe with chocolate drizzled on top
No Bake Chia Energy Bites - My Fussy Eater | Easy Family Recipes
No-bake-energy-bites-chia-oats_Pin 1 cup rolled oats ½ cup nut butter (I used a mixture of peanut and cashew) 3 tbsp honey 1 tbsp chia seeds ½ tsp vanilla extract 3 tbsp choc chips (2 tbsp coconut optional)
a white plate topped with a cake covered in whipped cream
Mont Blanc Chocolate Pavlova – Eat, Little Bird
Mont Blanc Pavlova - Chocolate pavlova with chestnut & cream…
chocolate pudding in a white bowl with whipped cream on top and the words french hot chocolate above it
French Hot Chocolate
French Hot Chocolate. An easy recipe for dark hot chocolate that tastes just like the kind served in Paris cafes.