Inarchi | FRAME series

Rather than installing a light strip in one spot, attaching it to a frame or standing mirror is a great way to create a modern lamp.

large scale painting by jen mann

Bubblegum is the first word that came to mind when I look upon the series "Strange Beauties" by Jen Mann. These beautiful portrait paintings are indeed coloured

Jean Arp - Image Abstraction and Distorition Ik vind deze afbeelding wel leuk door het contrast tussen het zwart en wit, alleen is de lelijke kleur die voor de achtergrond is gekozen zeker minder.

Collage", At 'VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, (Germany), - Art by Jean 'Hans' Arp (b. 1888 - d.

photography Black and White style pattern graphic design digital art modern shades circle minimalism minimal simple texture contemporary tones Original Work aesthetic monotone GRE

Null Drapp, 2016 by Francesco De Prezzo on Curiator, the world's biggest collaborative art collection.