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That whole mess nearly killed me with Simon Alec Magnus Jace...I could've died

Just thinking out loud now: if their was a hetrosexual actor who played a homosexual character would they celebrate pride? I suppose they would cost you don't have to be gay to celebrate pride do you? Just ignore me it's being one of those days

Alec is so innocent he wont even kill a spider

Alec: he kills demons every other day and fights his brothers fake dad while also struggling with his inner battles of being gay AND loving a warlock. Yet he can't deal with a spider. Alec Lightwood everybody!

I always imagine it's a "dear god I just kissed this amazing human being" sorta thing

Literally everytime there's Malec on screen, I make very inhuman sounds and some even so loud and high that my neighbours must hate me

I bet my sparkle thrower that they call each other Mr.Lightwood and Mr.Bane in bed

Who else screamed? They're so cute trying to be professional when inside they're like thats my precious cinnamon roll << im trying not to scream in the middle of my silent class rn