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Gilbert & George

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Artifact of the Royal Cemetery of Ur - Ram in the Thicket or Ram Caught in a Thicket, Mesopotamian, ca. 2650-2550 B.C. Found in the "Great Death Pit" at Ur. Gold, silver, lapis lazuli, copper, shell, red limestone and bitumen. © University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Uruk, also known as Warka, was an ancient city of Sumer (and later of Babylonia) situated east of the present bed of the Euphrates River on the dried-up ancient channel of the Euphrates 30 km (19 mi) east of modern Samawah, Al-Muthannā, Iraq.


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Cylinder Seal with Kneeling Nude Heroes, c. 2220-2159 B.C.E., Akkadian Cylinder Seal showing Kneeling Nude Heroes, c. 2220-2159 B.C.E., Akkadian


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Head of Hammurabi - Old Babylon
Paiinted statues of women from Old Babylon 1900-1600 BCE found at Ur

Old Babylon

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11b Assyrian Black Obelisk of Shalmanezer III, probably Israel King Jehu
size: 16x16in Giclee Print: Detail from the black obelisk of King Shalmaneser III, Assyrian, Nimrud, Iraq, c825 BC by Werner Forman :


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Worshiper before two altars | Seals and Tablets | The Morgan Library & Museum

New Babylon

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Rhyton from Ecbatana, Achaemenid Persian, 5th c. BC


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Egypt - Early Dinasty

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Old kingdom of Egypt

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Statue of Lady Sennuwy  Egyptian Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, reign of Senwosret I 1971–1926 B.C.

Middle Kingdom of Egypt

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Egipt Egipto Tutankamon
Máscara funeraria de Tutankamón

New Kingdom of Egypt

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Female Musicians. New Kingdom, Amarna Period, 18th Dynasty, reign of Akhenaten, ca. 1353-1336 B.C.

Amarna Period (Akhenaten's Religious Reforms)

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"idole cycladique"  de type Pastiras, culture Grotta-Pelos, Bronze ancien 1

Cycladic Culture (Aegean Art)

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(26) Dr Crom on Twitter: "#FrescoFriday - The so-called 'Toreador Fresco' from the Minoan Palace at Knossos: ca. 1550-1450 BC. Restored from fragments, this nevertheless remains among the most iconic Minoan scenes. #Minoan #Art Image: Heraklion Archaeological Museum. Link - https://t.co/QO2jPDyodd https://t.co/wE8asGaesv" / Twitter

Minoan Culture (Aegean Art)

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Mycenaean Culture (Aegean Art)

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Troy (Aegean Art)

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Protogeomeric&Geometric(О) Period - Ancient Greece

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Orientalizing(Омиров) Period - Ancient Greece

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This scene shows the heavenly twins or dioscuri, Castor, Pollux with their dog. They are returning from an exploit of some kind. Signed by Exekias the painter ca.540-530BC
EXEKIAS, Achilles and Ajax playing a dice game (detail of a black-fi gure amphora), from Vulci, Italy, ca. 540 –530 BCE. Whole vessel 2' high; detail 8.5" high. Musei Vaticani, Rome.

Archaic Greece - Ancient Greece

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Classical Greece - Ancient Greece

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Etruskan Civilisation

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Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius. Musei Capitolini, Rome.
Italy: Pompeii--National Museum, Doorway (trompe l'oeil) fresco.


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Teotihuacan, México, s.II aC-VIII dC

Early Pre-Columbian era

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