Targoviste Castle where Vlad Tepes impaled hundreds of victims

Romania Travel Inspiration - Targoviste Castle where Vlad Tepes impaled hundreds of victims

Danube Delta, Romania                                                                                                                                                     More

Danube Delta, Romania The Danube Delta is perhaps the least inhabited region of temperate Europe. In the Romanian side live about people, of which in the port of Sulina, which gives an average density of approx. 2 inhabitants per km².

Sarmizegetusa Regia, "The Romanian Stonhenge", UNESCO, www.romaniasfriends.com

Sarmizegetusa Regia, 'The Romanian Stonhenge' - UNESCO World Heritage Site located in central Romania

5 Amazing Restaurants in Bucharest- Traveling, we've eaten a lot of really delicious menu items and had an equal share of truly terrible restaurant fare. Some cities were better than others for offering a selection of great places to eat, Bucharest, Romania was one of those delightful destinations!

5 Amazing Restaurants in Bucharest

Amazing statue in Romania

The Statue of Dacian king Decebalus, Danube River, Romania (Eastern Europe)

The Mud Volcanoes - Buzau, Romania

The Mud Volcanoes. Lunar view near Buzau, Romania Discover Amazing Romania through 44 Spectacular Photos

Biertan, Romania

Biertan, Romania

The Ciucaş Mountains (in Romanian, Munţii Ciucaş) is a mountain range in Romania.

Natura, fotografii cu peisaje si locuri care merita vizitate in Romania.