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DIY : Concrete Leaf Bird Bath | DIY & Crafts Tutorials

DIY Concrete Leaf Bird Bath DIY Concrete Leaf Bird Bath - love this idea! Those leaves look like rhubarb leaves to me. Hmmm may have to do something like this. Especially if I do a cob house some day, this would be a great wall feature/shelf.

Sunshine to Shadows : Photo

Ferrari 612 GTO concept prepared for 2015 - Ferrari 612 GTO is the concept of ferrari by, the German automobile deviser. The concept car has a design that is very cool form of the Ferrari 612 GTO Concept.

maserati - Recherche Google

UK Designer Mark Hostler envisions this incredible LaMaserati concept car, based on the LaFerrari platform. The LaMaserati carries over the same engine with the kinetic energy recovery system removed to save weight.

Your Ride Awaits You ♛LadyLuxury♛

We drive the Ferrari LaFerrari, the twin-engined Maranello machine. This is Ferrari’s first ever hybrid road car, so you get a good for – and then you top it off with a electric motor feeding directly into the rear axle.