Location: Sinaia – Southern Romania  Nearby large towns: Brasov (40 miles north) and Bucuresti (80 miles south)  Nearest train station: SinaiaNestled at the foot of the Bucegi Mountains in the picturesque town of Sinaia, Peles Castle is a masterpiece of German new-Renaissance architecture, considered by many one of the most stunning castles in Europe

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Bucharest, Romania I'm putting this one in Color Splash because of the mosaic work, which is fabulous. I've seen mosaic pools very similar to this which look phenomenal. Tedious, but well worth it.

bucuresti, romania. @Courtney Baker McKendree Look good?

Submission to Of The World's Most Magical Streets Shaded By Flowers And Trees'

Bucuresti Optimist

Bucharest at dawn. Crowded places- sun between the blocks.

Bucuresti Optimist

Bucuresti Optimist