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Red Vampire

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Red Vampire
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Vladimir and Alfred XD<< I forgot for a moment that Rumania is a vampire.

Vladimir and Alfred XD<< I forgot for a moment that Romania is a vampire.<<< He's more like diehard vampire lover who glues on the teeth and buys all the vampire things

"A diamond with a flaw--is better than a pebble without one!" A Christian may have some grave infirmity; he may fail very grievously at some crisis of his Christian career--yet for all that he may be one of Christ's jewels, and may shine brightly hereafter in His crown! George Everard| Cerulean blue crystals

My name is Carly I am a 28 yr old human I post my art and things that inspire me tags: my art me & the things I collect animal crossing my wishlist elsewhere: Somnium game project illustration portfolio background drawing by me contact: toothdelicious

In the story, you fall in love with a girl  on another planet. She’s been dead  for years, but through your telescope  you watch her laugh, laughing too.  You wave when she, remembering  her smallness, remembers the stars. — 	Annelyse Gelman, “Love Poem” in Everyone I Love is a Stranger to Someone

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