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A quick printable list of what to compost and what not to compost. If you click through, to our website version it goes more in-depth and even includes common issues with #compost piles and how to debug compost issues. #Recycle #OrganicGardening
SOURCE:Unknown ITEM: Passive Solar Design  APPLICATION: The orientation should be done in a way that sun light is used more than artificial light in order to stay connected with nature as well.   WHY THIS PIN: Shows sun movement for summer and winter.
A much better list of free, useful software.
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Oh. My. God. I want this. The Volksgarden is a rotary hydroponics system in which plants are installed in a circular unit, growing toward a light source at the center. It has approximately 20 square feet of growing area, and holds up to 80 plants. Its most successful crops include a variety of herbs, leafy lettuces, chards, peppers, strawberries, eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers and some flower varieties. provides fantastic guidance as well as techniques to woodworking
Architect Christoph Kaiser turned a 340-square-foot grain silo into a two-story home for him and his wife.