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Enjoy this fun GROUP GAME and SONG and get your kids focused!  Ready for some 'DANCING DUDES' and 'DANCING DIVAS'?  Your kids will be MOVING to a strong Rhythm Pattern - great for brain development!  Work on EYE-HAND and EYE-FEET COORDINATION as your kids 'mirror' movements.  Make your kids feel special as you start your morning!  Easy Song Notes (to a 5-note song) are included.  "Good morning to Rachel!  She looks great today!"  (5 pages)  ACTIVE morning fun from Joyful Noises Express TpT…

Ready for some 'Dancing Dudes' and 'Dancing Divas'? Get your students moving to a strong rhythm pattern - great for brain development and for hear.

PDF download of Rhythm Stick Games for Kids.. really nice

New rhythm activities, drumming games, and rhythm lessons for you to try are coming soon! The book, Rhythm-Play, is filled with rhythm activities and rhythm games.

This document has twenty ideas including: Music games for the classroom Ideas for teaching songs Pitch and rhythm activities Instrument activities

Looking for music games for the classroom? We would like to email you a document with 20 music fun-filled and educational music games for the classroo