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Ileana Zirra
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"Found in Nature” Turns Pollution into the Solution. Barry Rosenthal is a New York photographer who stumbled onto using trash as an artistic medium after years of shooting plants in nature and realizing there was so much garbage littering these areas.

KS- Found objects arranged, transforming the way we look at them. "Found in Nature" - By Rosenthal. A collection of litter transformed into minimalist works of art.

Bekkie Pure Liefde | Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen

Bekkie Pure Liefde | Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen

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The woodmouse studio has been invaded by ROBOTS! Each robot is a one of a kind. No two will be exactly alike, these are all hand drawn onto the wood one by one. Above is a sneak peek at some.


twig toys - handmade wooden toys patchwork nightstand backyard drive-in movie party. kids decorate their "cars" with stickers and markers b.

Robots-jouets bois - robot jouet jeu                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Wood toy robots robot toy set by BusyBeingMe on Etsy


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