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an old photo of a woman leaning against a tree
- Lake’s edge - c. 1910s - (Via)
Tamara. Photo by Ann Teegen {Bittersuesz}
Summer Whispers
Tamara. Photo by Ann Teegen {Bittersuesz}
scissors are on the table next to a glass and some other items in black and white
an old photo of a dirt path near a lake in the woods with trees around it
Blauwe meer 1950
an old photo of some pillars in a brick building with stairs leading up to them
Pécsi Köztemető 12.4 Altemplom
two hands reaching up into the air to grab leaves from a tree with their fingers
The Paradise Edition
the sun shines brightly through the trees on a foggy day in black and white
scout and gather
30 days of photos project by danielle webster // scout and gather
a woman standing in the middle of a body of water next to a tree branch
Gallery 6
Gallery 6 | Bon
the sun is shining through some branches
a bunch of balloons floating in the air near a laptop on a table with two windows
Walk With Me
a woman is sitting in the grass with her arms spread out and looking at something
black and white photograph of someone laying in the grass
bon 2015 with photographer Kate Edmonson
an open window with curtains in front of it
air of disregard
air of disregard by leslie*thomson
an open window with curtains and a clock on the ledge in front of it,
By passeriformes