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an image of fog in the sky with a quote on it that says, i love you
shayari mere pyar ki
a woman wrapped in a shawl with the words, khud seh saal roz
an advertisement with the words akelepan on it in black and white, against a dark background
a black and white photo with the words kuch har gayi tadder, such too
a man running down train tracks with the words in english and arabic on it's side
a black and white photo with the words'ak watt aesa asata hai k sab theek hone k bawajod bhi,
a woman smiling with the words in english
Life fact
a black and white photo with words written in it
an open book with the words written in different languages and pictures on it, all lined up
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True???????? - Quotes interests
the text is written in two languages on a black and white background with an image of a
an image with the words written on it and some trees in front of a body of water
48216279 Bilkol | Secret love quotes, Hindi quotes images, Love quotes poetry
a woman sitting on top of a wooden platform next to the ocean with a quote
Lazy Boy
a man standing in the water with his back to the camera
an image of a person pulling a string with the words ego on it and in front of
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the words are written in two languages on a pink and blue background with white clouds
a person walking in the rain with an umbrella and text reading maine alk shaks par bharosa kiya, jism mujhe yeh diya saba diya
a blurry photo with the words'dena hai toh zehar de do, magar kis ko koi '
Usne to jhoti umeed he diya aur main jhoti umeedo ko lekar future planning karne lag gaya😑😑😑
the words are written in white on a black background with a blurry image behind it
@ dark heart ❤❤❤
A Conscious Rethink
a quote that reads, once you fall in true love, you smile daily with tears in your eyes
Image about quotes in sαмι sαү's by ѕαмι нαι∂єя
Love hurtS 💔 trureeeee........ I am used to it now because only one person in this world.......
a quote that reads, what's special? when someone says i will go there only with you, otherwise i won't go
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a person holding a clock with the words i've done some really shiny things in my past, but i already paid for those things and i don't live there anymore love
Amazing Me Movement – Inspirational Blogger | Self Help Author
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a person in yellow raincoat walking down the road with text on it that reads,
Positive Quotes : BitesApp
a person standing in the rain with a hat on their head and text that reads, i promise you no one will ever take your place in my heart
Not a hope I know you never replace me
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Not a hope I know you never replace me
Love Sayri, Words Of Wisdom, Radha Krishna Love Quotes, True Love
an image of someone sitting on the ground with text that reads, we never understand the real value of someone until that someone become memory
Sad... Broken Heart Quotes, Real Life Quotes, Friends Quotes Funny
Thoughts, Real Quotes
an image with the words in english and two smiley faces
Sanjana V Singh
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