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an apple logo is shown on a red and black background with swirly lines in the foreground
a bouquet of roses is wrapped in purple ribbon
FRASES✍️ ROSAS🌹 Y CORAZONES💞 | Para mí. Grupo hermoso | Facebook
FRASES, ROSAS Y CORAZONES ((🌹💞)) | Para mí. Grupo hermoso
a woman ironing clothes on an ironing board
a man standing on top of a large rock
🕺🏼Nilton César🌹 A Namorada Que Sonhei💃
pink roses in a vase with the words la muliti ani above it
La multi ani! - Colaj muzical cu felicitari de zi de nastere cu flori si mesaje
two heart shaped boxes with flowers and leaves on them, one is red the other has white roses