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an image of a male and female symbol on a striped background with hearts around it
[#] *. BOY LOVER / MEN LOVER ♂️💞
— a term for people who, regardless of orientation and gender, love men and masculine people and want to emphasize their strong attraction to them ! 😘😘😘 for Nova <3
the word erm spelled in white letters on a multicolored background with horizontal stripes
a xenogender where one's gender relates or aligns with the expression 'erm', might be a lil silly but gender is silly itself ^^
an american flag with a star in the center and pink, white and blue stripes
a gender related to being a starboy and ftm
a red and black striped background with an abstract design
an image of two white and red objects in the middle of a black background with waves
˖ ᰔ ࣪𓈒 〰 VAMPSPINNIC ! 🧛🏻
— ❝ Vampspinnic ❞ : ❝ Related to having your special interest be vampires ! only for people with autism/neurodivergency ^_^ ❞ (( coined by me !! )) #vampire #vampirecore #vamp #vamps #vampires #vampspinnic #spinnics #spinnic #specialinterests #specialinterest #autism #neurodiversity #nd #autistic
when u attracted to kaomojis/emoticons ^////^ Concept Art, Anime, Anime Art, Objectum Flag, Art Characters, Art Tutorial, Pins
when u attracted to kaomojis/emoticons ^////^
an abstract blue and white background with horizontal stripes
💎 boyprincess !! (⋈◍>◡<◍)
two hearts with arrows pointing to each other in front of an ocean wave and blue sky
;; H̲ypersexual Gay Flag !
a pink and blue striped background with a white heart
🏳️‍⚧️˖ ࣪⊹ feminine transmasc !!
– CREATED BY: transstumacher (on tumblr)
a purple and white striped wallpaper with scalloped edges
a pink and blue striped background with horizontal stripes
Art Prints & Printed Wall Decor | Society6
High Af, Feeling High