Bogdan Imurluc

Bogdan Imurluc

It has to start somewhere! It has to start sometime! What better place than here! What better time than now !
Bogdan Imurluc
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Bug species on Pinterest | Insects, Beetle and Praying Mantis

"Rooster tail cicada" Photo by Campbell Plowden. But this is a Lystra lanata, a planthopper in the family Fulgoridae.

unique looking bugs | That is one cool looking bug!

this is what happens if a crab and spider have a baby. not really though this is just a rare spider.

˚Known as Camel Spider, Wind Scorpion or Sun Spider

˚Known as Camel Spider, Wind Scorpion or Sun Spider. True spiders have 8 legs and (usually) 8 eyes. This creature has 10 legs and 2 eyes. Hence, "Wind Scorpion".

Euphobetron aquapennis,limacodidae  euphobetron

Tinolius eburneigutta, caterpillar of the moth Euphobetron aquapennis a member of Underwing, Tiger, and Tussock Moths and Allies

Ceratophyus polyceros Pallas, 1771

See and Compare a Designed one as this with real One: Ceratophyus polyceros Pallas, 1771