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Bicycle Frame Handle - very simple and very good!

I love simple inventions. Walnut Studiolo Frame Handle makes lifting bikes a breeze.

A Bicycle built for 11!

Doctor Who ~ A Bicycle Built For Doctors ~ All 11 Doctors ride together on a bicycle that makes super wide left turns through time and space to arrive at their ultimate destination: across the chest of this t-shirt.

solar activated glow in the dark bicycle by pure fix cycles - so cool!

the very first light activated glow in the dark bicycle frame series features a highly reflective, solar activated glow in the dark paint application for ultimate visibility during-night riding. solar activated glow in the dark bicycle by pure fix cycles

Reinvented Retro-Style Bicycle Rickshaw Gets 'Round : TreeHugger

Reinvented Retro-Style Bicycle Rickshaw Gets 'Round

eclipse rickshaw - The Eclipse rickshaw is an eco-friendly people mover designed by Kenneth Cobonpue. The vehicle is actually a combination rickshaw-pedicab, and is p.


Peugeot Design Laboratory DL121 Bicycle

Peugeot Design Laboratory Bicycle : A distinct divide is created between the copper coated front half of the bike and the stark white back

Thonet bicycle - $70k, yes...

You Will Never Guess How Much This Bike Costs

Thonet Bike by Andy Martin To highlight chair-maker Thonet's steam bending process, London-based architect Andy Martin was asked to design a concept bike made of bent wood.

Interesting homemade recumbent!

DIY Recumbent Bicycle Made From Recycled Parts

Zambulances – bicycle trailers with a mattress, privacy curtain and basic medical equipment – have replaced walking or being pushed in a wheelbarrow for many ailing rural people who live some distance from healthcare centres.

We should encourage the use of low cost transport. This trailer can haul and is called a Zambulance. My plan is to build something similar for my ebike just with solar panels mounted on the trailer.

bicycle chain sculptures by seo young deok

the material is carefully welded to mimic the organic curves of a human torso or a fragmented facial expression.

Bicycle-unicycle mashup has simple style but extreme moves

Scalyfish Designs’ Bicymple is a Super-Compact, Chainless Bicycle That Can Travel Sideways Bicymple chainless compact bike – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

Off-road electric-bicycle - does 40mph on the flat!

The Only All Terrain Electric Bicycle - Hammacher Schlemmer cool-stuff

Bianchi C4 from 1987! Why don't they make bikes like this anymore?

1987 Bianchi TT bike: Just too beautiful. If I win the lottery, I will get on my Look and chase down the owner of this and make demands.

Not sure about this one!  feet-bike-2.jpg

A bike without pedals, gears, or a saddle ! Crazy Fliz Bike trades pedals for foot power.

Alex Moulton - Brit famous for the Mini suspension and Moulton Bikes!

Had the pleasure of meeting the great Dr Moulton when I worked on the Moulton Bicycle account years ago