Bianca D.

Bianca D.
Wonderland / I'm an undecided teenager who dreams a lot, reads stupid books and spends her time on the internet. ♥
Bianca D.
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DIY Chalkboard Mason Jar Candle Centerpiece

DIY Chalkboard Mason Jar Candle Centerpiece 1 Mason Jar 1 Baby Food Jar – yes, baby food. It’s a jar and super cute! Painter’s Tape Sharp knife Black Chalkboard Spray Paint Chalk Baker’s Twine or other rustic candle

DIY Ombre Curtains

For the Deck: diy ombre curtains diy handmade diy ideas diy projects diy decor easy diy diy craft for the home diy curtains east crafts craft decor

Bead and Wire Jewelry-Make Your Own Necklace Pendant in a Triangle Pattern

We have shared some jewelry making tutorials about wire wrapped jewelries with you already. Today, in this jewelry making tutorial we will teach you how to make your own necklace pendant in a triangle.

Cats on cats on cats

cat haha cute fluffy rainbow photo kitten animal meow white cat too cute Unique furry rainbow dash great meowing grey cat rainbow cat animal photo animal picture

Curious cats.

Meet the Darling family from itty bitty kitty committee. It's a cuteness 'splosion! Photos courtesy of ©Laurie C. More cuteness of this litter of fosters at the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee.