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Math teacher - How to learn math fast and easy

Great math teacher learning kids how to calculate fast and easy. There are a lot of math tricks that you can use to learn mathematics fast and easily.

Funny dog not looking at owner eating :)) lmao

Funny dog not looking at owner eating :)) lmao

Funny thief fail caught on camera. Funny videos!

Wallet thief instantly regrets stealing when he sees a surveillance camera [regret at

Funny videos with workers playing war with drilling machine

Funny videos with two workers having fun by playing war with their drilling machine. Comedy video with funny workers playing army.

Funny dog videos with the best dog mating fails

Most funniest mating fails. This dog is high or drunk or he have hes own tactic of seduction. Very funny animal videos.

Funny drunk old man stopped by police! TO FUNNY!

I still laugh to this video watching this old drunk man stopped by police for an alkohol test. Sorry for people who already saw this. It's to funny

Funny cat videos - Lazy cat not eating mice

Lazy cat videos: Here is a funny and lazy cat and a lot of mice. Cat is very bored and she doesn't want to eat any mouse.