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an image of someone's jean shorts with sunflowers painted on them
the instructions for how to make an origami bird
Cute DIY Gift for Him: What I Love About You From A to Z Mini-Book
I Love About You from A to Z Mini-Book
a cross made out of scrabble tiles with the words love and dream spelled on it
DIY Scrabble Tiles | Whats Ur Home Story
DIY Scrabble Tile Art
two jars filled with different types of confetti
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I would write I <3 U instead of the y but it's a really sweet gift :)
the instructions to make valentine's day cards for kids with gold hearts on them
Scratch Off Hearts | DIY Valentines Cards for Him | DIY Valentines Cards for Boyfriends
three different images of various cd's being made
Creative Ideas - DIY Wall Art From Old CDs - i Creative Ideas
Früher hat man das mal mit Papier und Wachs in der Grundschule gemacht. Jetzt nimmt man alte oder ausrangierte CDs um Kratzbilder als Wandschmuck herzustellen :: DIY Wall Art From Old CDs #craft #recycle #decors