Christmas Tree ● Glittered Wood Letter Garland

12 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

precious I wanna get a picture like this of Marlee this year!

So sweet! He needs to be in the family Christmas photo too! Dog sleeping next to the Christmas tree. Next years christmas card!

Downtown Traverse City in Michigan

Downtown Traverse City in looks like this picture was taken in the winter.i've been in downtown traverse city before which is very nice,but never in the winter.

Want to walk here ... Where ever this place is lol, you can, your, kidding. It is beautiful

Snowy Night, Chester, England There's nothing like a walk on a winter night, when the street lights make the snow sparkle like billions of diamonds.

London winter.I want to go see this place one day.Please check out my website thanks.

Winter Storm, London, England photo via ninbra.oh how I long to see London in the snow!

Always looking for small holiday ideas to put around house.

20 Easy Peasy Christmas Decorations For The Regretfully Late Procrastinator

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