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Pocahontas Drawing at Disney Animation Studio
I want to sketch this she is my favorite princess I am going to Disneyland tomorrow and I want to meet her:
Cute really cute ❤️ Mehr
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Finding dory sketch. I haven't seen the movie yet. One of my friends saw it and he liked it
2010 Sketch 003 by on @DeviantArt [ "2010 Sketch 003 by *rantz on deviantART Más", "The Mannequin.figured I would work on this one for the next couple of days, since I have a TON of work to get done.So here is the base figure from which we& work - and I guess this coul.", "Boobs are hard", " Hope this helps to give some of you the process side of things." ] #<br/> # #Drawing #Tips,<br/> # #Drawing #Tutorials,<br/> # #Art #Tutorials,<br/> # #Body #Draw,<br/> # #Fem...
Hier zie je een tekening van een vogel die wegvliegt. Hij is dan wel niet gekleid, maar ik kan hem toch goed gebruiken.
I don't know where "The bracelet" is, but it's amazing
beauty and the beast pencil drawings - Yahoo Image Search Results
Meu coração hoje em dia.